Mind, Body and Soles Interviews Me

I was recently interviewed by the very cool blog Mind, Body and Soles – a blog dedicated to celebrating the vast beauty of people in their shoes, the lives they lead in their soles, and the paths they travel in their foot covers.

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A Conversation with Endurance Racer Edgar Landa | Mind, Body and Soles.

Ruck On. Stay Muddy.


In the Suck – A Death Race Experience (Part 3)

Friday June 15.  Death Race start day.  I had been preparing for months.  I had suffered on overnight ruck sessions with Joe Decker, I had pulled back-to-back Goruck Challenges to test my endurance and the effects of sleep deprivation, I had run, I had cross-fit, and I had lost about 12lbs.  I was excited and ready to get going.  It was reassuring to have 6 other Team SISU (the SoCal-based training group we formed that now includes over 300 people!) racers in the group as well as our tremendous support crew.

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Crushed by a Rabbit…

I’d like to say that I conquered a mountain this past weekend.  I’d like to say that I came away tired but unscathed.  I’d like to say that I met the challenge with flying colors.  Truth be told…the mountain crushed my soul.  It left me depleted.  It pummeled me and then kicked me again while I lay on the floor.

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Awkward and Heavy Shit – Part 3 (at last!)

Alright…so, I am a little behind in my postings regarding my training and races.  Writing a blog takes some discipline but, to be fair, I haven’t exactly been sitting around on my ass! Humping sandbags and tires up and down mountains takes time and effort.  But no excuses!  So, for the sake of catching up I’m going to recap the last month or so in one epic exercise of keyboard tapping.  I’ll spare some of the detail and hope the pictures I include will speak volumes for the words I leave out.   Ok…ready…set…go!

Super Spartan

Super Spartan- Lake Vail, CA

The last weekend in January I traveled down to Temecula for the first of my many planned Spartan races this year.  The Death Race is the premier race and, undoubtedly, the most brutal (what can you say about a race in which only about 20 to 30 racers out of about 250 even FINISH this epically sadistic endurance pain fest?!) Continue reading

A Mountain of Pain

(*I’m taking a little detour to post about my training this weekend while it is still fresh in my mind, bones and muscle.  January recap will continue afterwards.)

The Suck – Mountain Phase

Let’s just call a spade a spade and start by saying Joe Decker is a beast and knows how to pummel a body just this side of submission.  Hiking and running to the top of two of San Diego’s tallest peaks while often carrying 100 pounds or more is probably not anyone’s idea of a good time.  That, however, is exactly how I spent my Friday night this weekend!

Joe is the founder of San Diego’s Gut Check Fitness (voted the #1 boot camp in San Diego) which he runs with his wife Nicole Decker.  Among other things, he has been recognized as the World’s Fittest Man by the Guinness Book of World Records and is a two-time winner of the Death Race.   Continue reading