Mind, Body and Soles Interviews Me

I was recently interviewed by the very cool blog Mind, Body and Soles – a blog dedicated to celebrating the vast beauty of people in their shoes, the lives they lead in their soles, and the paths they travel in their foot covers.

Mind, Body and Soles LogoClick on the logo above or the link below.  Enjoy reading!

A Conversation with Endurance Racer Edgar Landa | Mind, Body and Soles.

Ruck On. Stay Muddy.


Life In The Mud: Episode 1 – Advanced Rucking

So…I put together some short videos on things mud related.  I’m adding a more visual component to my blog. My awesome friend Maureen Flannigan directed, shot and edited these videos for me!

Let us know what you think…we are still working out the exact flavor of these videos and plan on shooting some more soon.  Do you have a good topic for a Muddy webisode?  Let us know!

First up…ADVANCED RUCKING….or Drinking Beer While Running.


Ruck On. Stay Muddy.

How To Wrap Your Bricks

If you are new to rucking with bricks or a veteran of this practice the question of HOW to best wrap your bricks is one that brings up numerous answers.  WHY ruck with bricks?  Ummm, why not? Rucking with bricks allows for more Good Livin’.  Roll with that!

WHY wrap your bricks?  Well, you need a little padding on those corners to prevent the bricks from damaging your ruck.  Even the sturdiest bad-ass rucks are not made of steel.  Duct tape is your friend.  Bubble wrap helps although I don’t use it anymore as I find it can get too bulky.  You can wrap your bricks in one’s and two’s…or more.  It just depends on your personal preference.


(Photo by Jason McCarthy used by permission) 

So, rather than reinvent the wheel, check out the blogpost on wrapping bricks by Jason McCarthy over at Goruck.  And if you haven’t done a Goruck Challenge…what are you waiting for?  The biggest hurdle is signing up. The hardest part is showing up.  The rest is mental.

Click on the link below, wrap your bricks and get rucking!

NEWS | GORUCK | Built in the USA » Wrapping Bricks Explained

Ruck On. Stay Muddy.

What is the Goruck Challenge?

You’ve done a mud run.

You’ve conquered an obstacle race.

You’ve sprinted your way through a 5K.

You’ve endured a 1/2 marathon.

Maybe you’ve even gotten shit done at a triathlon.

What next you ask?  How about the Goruck Challenge!  This is a team-based overnight event.  It is not a race.  Team work is essential as you make your way across your fair city.  Led by a Special Forces cadre, you and your team work together to accomplish more than you thought possible.  The miles are long.  The night is longer.

Goruck Challenge Banner

Check out the videos linked below to find out more about what Good Livin’ is all about.

The biggest hurdle is signing up.  The hardest part is showing up.  The rest is mental!

The GORUCK Challenge Cadre Official Video

The GORUCK Challenge Official Video

Ruck On. Stay Muddy.

Death Race – Embrace The Suck

The Death Race countdown is in full effect!  Eight months of preparation, training, and anticipation are coming to an end this Friday as I embark on one hell of a race.  It’s gonna suck…that’s for sure.  I will suffer…that is inevitable.  But I just have to remind myself that the pain is temporary and the misery only for a few long days.  I will EMBRACE THE SUCK and put my best foot forward.  I do not know what specifically awaits me but I know that Andy and Joe (the evil minds behind this race) have had all year to dream up the miseries they are about to put us through!  I CANNOT wait!

I am packed and ready to go.  Flight to Boston’s Logan Airport in 6 hours.  I’ll be updating the blog over the next few days with reports on Goruck Beached and my final overnight training ruck with Joe Decker and the rest of his Gut Check Fitness crew (including some fellow Death Racers going out to Vermont).  I will also blog on my daily routine over the next few days as I head out to Pittsfield.  I will try to post some updates during the race on my Twitter feed whenever I come into Base Camp and have a few minutes.  You can also follow the progress of the race on the Peak Races Facebook page, their Twitter feed and probably their website as well as the Death Race website (www.youmaydie.com).

Ruck On.  Stay Muddy.

Zombie Slaying…Goruck Style!

Well…it was inevitable.  The zombie apocalypse reached San Diego last Saturday and I drove down to join the resistance.  It was time for another Goruck Challenge led by Cadre Beaux.  I was excited to be doing my fourth Challenge in a new city and ready for the Good Livin’ that was gonna come my way.

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Goruck Beached: Finning the Keys

I went swimming Sunday morning.  Well, really, I went finning.  Down in Long Beach…before the skies opened up and it started pouring cats and dogs here in Los Angeles.  I was joined by my GRT buddy, Chris, and we managed to finish our swim training before any lightning struck the water and we were fried to a crisp.

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