Race Day Tips to Keep you Warm and Happy!

So…you’re all geared up, pumped up and ready to attack the course this weekend at the Malibu Spartan Sprint (or any other OCR). If you are a veteran of multiple Spartan Races you know the routine, what to pack and how to prep your game face.  If you are a nervous first-timer you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed, nervous or apprehensive about what to expect.  Below are some helpful hints for both the experienced racer and the newbie that will make your day in Malibu just a bit more comfortable.

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Hot off the presses! Team SISU profiled in MudRunFun Magazine…

MudRunFun Magazine is an online magazine catering to the obstacle course racing community. The December 2013 issue includes a profile on Team SISU written by yours truly!  Visit the MudRunFun website or Facebook page for race promo codes/discounts, race reviews, race guide/calendar and, of course, the magazine.

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Team SISU is the training group co-founded by fellow Death Racer and friend, Daren Deheras.  Read all about how SISU began, how it has evolved and where it is headed. Also, find out all about SISU’s upcoming events including the SISU Iron and the SISU F.O.R.G.E.

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Team SISU members will be attempting to run 8-10 laps of the Malibu Spartan Sprint next weekend.  Each lap will be run with a different weight or impediment (sandbag, weight vest, sledge hammer, air restriction mask, log, bricks, etc) all in the name of fun!


Ruck On. Stay Muddy.

Griffith Park Trail Races Double Whammy

Griffith Park is my backyard…I run and train there all the time. It is an oasis that was gifted to the residents of Los Angeles almost a century ago. Its trail system is a familiar friend. The Griffith Park Bear statue always on duty (and sometimes dressed in the spirit of whatever holiday has just passed or is on the horizon) greeting those entering the park at Fern Dell off Los Feliz. The Merry-Go-Round standing as a lovely reminder of simpler pleasures. And because I know it so well I was both excited and a little apprehensive to participate in an organized trail race in my park (yes, I am somewhat proprietary about the park). Well, that apprehension was quickly dismissed as soon as I arrived for the Griffith Park Trail Half Marathon this past Saturday.

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Ragnar Trail Relay – Vail Lake

Run. Camp. Sleep? Repeat.

I think Ragnar got it right with their slogan for the Ragnar Trail Relay Series. Plenty of excellent trail running, camping out with friends and very little sleep repeated several times over the course of the day and night at beautiful Vail Lake in Temecula, CA made for a great time.  And there were s’mores! Plenty of complimentary s’mores to munch on while cheering on your team mates.  Besides the beautiful venue, excellent trails and a well-executed event it doesn’t get much better than s’mores!

RR Vail Lake 2013 (21)

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30 Days/30 Burpees Challenge…What’s Your Excuse?

Can you commit to doing 30 burpees a day for 30 days?

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Join the Spartan Challenge that Spartan Race co-founder Joe Desena put to the world at his recent appearance on TedX Beacon Street.

Get off the couch!  It’s only 30 burpees a day!  Double it or triple it for an even bigger personal challenge.  Or do 100 burpees a day!  For some inspiration check out amazing athlete Amanda Sullivan crushing it despite some challenging physical conditions from traumatic accidents:

Overcoming Obstacles: Amanda Sullivan « SPARTAN RACE™ Blog SPARTAN RACE™ Blog.

What’s your excuse?

Ruck On. Stay Muddy.

The Burpee on TedX – Joe Desena Explains It All To You

The BURPEE has made it to the big-time intellectual party…TedX!

“Burpees are the ultimate exercise for humans.”

~ Joe Desena

Spartan Race co-founder (and mastermind behind the Death Race) Joe Desena talks at TedX Beacon Street about the virtues of the burpee, swimming pools, Big Evil and the burpee challenge he took on.

“What’s interesting about the swimming pool, it’s very much like the human body. The human body is 13 gallons of water on average, swimming pool typically is 20,000 gallons of water. If you were to take french fries and coffee and soda and all the things we eat on a daily basis then dump it into 20,000 gallons of water that pool wouldn’t do very well. It would turn green pretty quickly. But yet we expect our 13 gallon pool here to handle that. The other interesting thing about the swimming pool is…only the top 15% of the pool actually gets cleaned in most cases. And that’s like us going to the gym and going walking doing all these things we mostly call exercise. The burpee, on the other hand, rips the pool out of the ground, shakes it up, and gets every square inch of the pool clean.”

~ Joe Desena

[* The video clip begins at his introduction but if you get lost or need to rewind go back to 8:03:42]

Ruck On. Stay Muddy.

Direct link to YouTube video: Joe Desena on TedXBeacon Street

OR watch it below!

40 Reasons Why Obstacle Racing Is Like Kinky Sex

I came across the following on the SOLO Performance blog written by obstacle racer Ekaterina Solovieva and had to re-post on my blog (reprinted with permission). Check out her awesome blog! Enjoy!!

Solo monkeybars1

Solo is a Toronto-based obstacle racer, health coach and college professor. She writes about the sport of obstacle racing, awesome gear and all things extreme at www.solovieva.com

40 Reasons Why Obstacle Racing Is Like Kinky Sex

by Ekaterina Solovieva (reprinted with permission)

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