Survical Run: Nicaragua – VIDEO

This is Survival Run: Nicaragua.  This was no joke.  Getting to the top of the volcano in the middle of the night with five 1-gallon jugs strapped to my body in addition to my ruck was demoralizing. I managed to make it to the second check point before being pulled from the race.  Many did not make it that far.


Ruck On. Stay Muddy.


Death Race Mexico 2014 – Video

This is a great video of the Mexico Death Race that I participated in last month!  The folks over at Spartan Race Mexico did a great job putting this together.  Check out the video and get a taste of what we did.  If you look carefully you might catch a glimpse of me almost having a close conversation with one of the bulls.

Ruck On. Stay Muddy.

Death Race Documentary “Beyond Limitations” Trailer

“Spartan Race is a baptism into this life…Death Race is an exorcism.”

~ Joe “The Grim Reaper” Desena

(Spartan Death Race Founder)

This past February, filmmaker Brandie Knight (Critical Mass Productions) was on location in Pittsfield, Vermont capturing the drama of the Winter Death Race for her upcoming documentary film on the Death Race, “Beyond Limitations”.  She plans on shooting more footage at the Summer Death Race in June and Team Death Race in September.

Oh, the humanity! I am reminded of the ABC Wide World of Sports opening montage quote: “…the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat.”  The Death Race promises lots of agony even for those that are able to finish.

Check out the trailer below for “Beyond Limitations”!  It is a pretty good representation of the 2013 Winter Death Race.  And, you get to see me taking a nice dip in near-freezing water!

*For more info on my 2012 Death Race & 2013 Winter Death Race experiences check out my DR related blog posts…simply type “Death Race” in the search bar above.

Ruck On. Stay Muddy.

Beyond Limitations Trailer v1 – YouTube.

Random Acts of Encouragement

I came across this story on the MudFlap blog.

The accomplishment by Michael Mills is extraordinary.  The community of people that came together to join Michael on this journey is not so extraordinary…at least not among obstacle racers.  Time and time again I have seen strangers helping, encouraging  and aiding other strangers on obstacle race courses.  Many are the occasions I have witnessed acts of kindness and camaraderie.

My Canadian friend Johnny Waite recently recounted a story about the SoCal Super Spartan Race this past January.  He was among the volunteers sweeping the course at the end of the day.  They came across a woman bringing up the rear and struggling at the midway point.  She was ready to quit but with a little encouragement from Johnny and the other volunteers she forged on for another 4-5 miles.  The race registration had been given to her by her brother as a gift for the weight she had lost in her journey to living a healthier life.  She finished the race many hours later under darkness…but she finished.  She did not quit.  And Johnny and some of the other volunteers stayed with her until she crossed the finish line.  Strangers helping strangers.

The medals are cool.  Our personal goals are great.  Running with friends is fun.  The community we belong to is amazing.  Seeing people push beyond what they thought capable is priceless.  An 8-10 mile obstacle race for many is a fun day in the sun.  For some, it is the challenge of a lifetime.  An encouraging word or a pat on the back is all they may need to keep pushing on!

So, check out the video and/or read the MudFlap blogpost.

Ruck On. Stay Muddy.

Men Wanted: For Hazardous Journey – Ernest Shackleton

Men wanted for hazardous journey.

Small wages. Bitter cold.

Long months of complete darkness.

Constant danger. Safe return doubtful.

Honor and recognition in case of success.

~ Ernest Shackleton

At the 2013 Winter Death Race, a roaming camera crew filmed racers reciting the alleged recruitment notice Sir Ernest Shackleton placed in the newspaper seeking crew members for his famous expedition across the South Pole.  According to legend, no fewer than 5000 men replied to the advertisement.


In December 1914, Shackleton set sail aboard the Endurance with his 28-man crew. Their goal: the first transatlantic crossing of the Antarctic continent.  The tale of this epic journey, the disaster that struck and the resilient spirit and resoluteness of Shackleton and his men is the stuff of legends.  Shackleton himself returned to help rescue his men after leading the team that braved unimaginable conditions in the Antarctic to find help.  And not one man was lost.

Shackleton’s determination and will to survive in the most extreme conditions was a reminder to Death Racers of the resiliency and fortitude of the human spirit.

via SHACKLETON V4 – YouTube.

Ruck On. Stay Muddy.


What is the Goruck Challenge?

You’ve done a mud run.

You’ve conquered an obstacle race.

You’ve sprinted your way through a 5K.

You’ve endured a 1/2 marathon.

Maybe you’ve even gotten shit done at a triathlon.

What next you ask?  How about the Goruck Challenge!  This is a team-based overnight event.  It is not a race.  Team work is essential as you make your way across your fair city.  Led by a Special Forces cadre, you and your team work together to accomplish more than you thought possible.  The miles are long.  The night is longer.

Goruck Challenge Banner

Check out the videos linked below to find out more about what Good Livin’ is all about.

The biggest hurdle is signing up.  The hardest part is showing up.  The rest is mental!

The GORUCK Challenge Cadre Official Video

The GORUCK Challenge Official Video

Ruck On. Stay Muddy.

Death Race: Inside the Spartan Death Race challenge – Videos | Global News

Death Race: Inside the Spartan Death Race challenge – Videos | Global News.