Mind, Body and Soles Interviews Me

I was recently interviewed by the very cool blog Mind, Body and Soles – a blog dedicated to celebrating the vast beauty of people in their shoes, the lives they lead in their soles, and the paths they travel in their foot covers.

Mind, Body and Soles LogoClick on the logo above or the link below.  Enjoy reading!

A Conversation with Endurance Racer Edgar Landa | Mind, Body and Soles.

Ruck On. Stay Muddy.


The Burpee on TedX – Joe Desena Explains It All To You

The BURPEE has made it to the big-time intellectual party…TedX!

“Burpees are the ultimate exercise for humans.”

~ Joe Desena

Spartan Race co-founder (and mastermind behind the Death Race) Joe Desena talks at TedX Beacon Street about the virtues of the burpee, swimming pools, Big Evil and the burpee challenge he took on.

“What’s interesting about the swimming pool, it’s very much like the human body. The human body is 13 gallons of water on average, swimming pool typically is 20,000 gallons of water. If you were to take french fries and coffee and soda and all the things we eat on a daily basis then dump it into 20,000 gallons of water that pool wouldn’t do very well. It would turn green pretty quickly. But yet we expect our 13 gallon pool here to handle that. The other interesting thing about the swimming pool is…only the top 15% of the pool actually gets cleaned in most cases. And that’s like us going to the gym and going walking doing all these things we mostly call exercise. The burpee, on the other hand, rips the pool out of the ground, shakes it up, and gets every square inch of the pool clean.”

~ Joe Desena

[* The video clip begins at his introduction but if you get lost or need to rewind go back to 8:03:42]

Ruck On. Stay Muddy.

Direct link to YouTube video: Joe Desena on TedXBeacon Street

OR watch it below!

On The Air Live with Matt B. Davis Blog Talk Radio – TUNE IN!

Can’t get enough Death Race stories?  Thinking of participating in the 2013 Death Race?  Want the nitty on the gritty regarding all things Death Race?  Then tune in this Thursday July 19 at 10AM PST (1PM EST) to Matt B. Davis’ podcast.

Fellow Death Racers Daren DeHeras, Yesel Arvizu and I will be on the air live with Matt as he gets the skinny on our Death Race experiences, asks questions and takes calls from his listeners.  We will also talk about Team SISU and attempt to articulate what the heck is a “weeple.”

Click on the link below to listen:

Team SISU Death Race and Beyond 07/19 by Matt B Davis Runs | Blog Talk Radio.

Audio Interview with Cadre from Goruck Challenge

Ok, boys and girls…if my description of the Goruck Challenge in an earlier post was not juicy enough then click on the link below to hear an audio interview with Cadre Lou Lepsch.  He talks about the Challenge and why we do what we do during the challenge.  Really, it all comes down to working as a team.  My first Goruck Challenge back in May of 2011 is what got me on this whole path to the Death Race in the first place.  Working as a team, pushing myself beyond my comfort zone, embracing my strengths (mental and physical) and facing my weaknesses.  If you remember, I did back to back challenges in January and am looking forward to my 4th challenge in April down in San Diego.  So, give it a listen…you just might want to try one…maybe even this coming April!

Interview with Cadre from Go Ruck Challenge | Obstacle Course Racing

*** This audio interview was first posted on Rob Decillis’ blog “Obstacle Course Racing

Passion Hit TV | A C.C. Chapman Experience

Passion Hit TV | A C.C. Chapman Experience.

Very cool interview with Goruck founder Jason McCarthy by C.C. Chapman on his Passion Hit TV blog!

Jason talks about his company, the Goruck Challenge, Java and doing what you are passionate about with full force.  Good stuff!