Who the heck is Edgar?

This is the FAQs section about me…

Who the heck are you?

I’m a guy from Los Angeles – born and bred –  living my life as best as I can by having awesome adventures.  I like to carry heavy and awkward shit for long distances.  I like the color green.  I love Shakespeare.  I teach graduate students how to punch each other…safely.  I’m an actor.  I bleed Dodger Blue.


Why are you writing this blog?

I decided to run the 2012 Death Race and thought it would be fun to share my adventures, training and other cool shit with the world (but, really, just the three people who are actually reading this).  Putting it on the internet also keeps me focused and committed to the task.  Sort of like a virtual contract with you, my three readers.  But, really, I just wanted to see if anyone would actually read my blog!

[UPDATE #1:  I completed the 2012 Death Race in 62.5 hours – 1 of 59 finishers out of a field of 300+ racers]

[UPDATE #2:  I DNF’d (Did Not Finish) at the 2013 Winter Death Race after 19 hours of cold weather and even colder water]

WDR2013 - Alexander Photos (2)

[UPDATE #3: I completed the 2013 Team Death Race with my team consisting of Matt Francev, Louis Linsmeier and Mark Webb in 50+ hours which included finishing the Spartan Ultra Beast as the last challenge]

Team DR - UltraBeast 2013 (4)

How did you get started doing all this stuff?

I had a lot of free time and wanted to do something fun and unique.  I had done a few obstacle mud races and by chance I came across a FB advertisement for the Goruck Challenge.  I did my first Challenge in May 2011 and I was hooked.  I began signing up for obstacles races and challenges…the harder the better.  The rest is history.

Have you always been drawn to these kinds of mental and physically demanding challenges?


What will you do after the Death Race?

More cool and interesting races.  Travel to places where more adventures await.  You know..the usual shit.  That, and climbing tall mountains.

Are you a bad ass?

Nope.  Not even close.  I’ve met some true bad asses.  I’m not one of them.  I’m not ever the fastest or strongest person on the course but I have determination…lots of it. And I’m scrappy (as I was recently reminded).  I’m just a dude pushing the limits of my body and my mind just to see how far I can take it.  And I’m having fun doing it!

I hope I have answered all your pressing questions.  If not, then ask me a question…any question…!

Ruck On.  Stay Muddy.


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