Hot off the presses! Team SISU profiled in MudRunFun Magazine…

MudRunFun Magazine is an online magazine catering to the obstacle course racing community. The December 2013 issue includes a profile on Team SISU written by yours truly!  Visit the MudRunFun website or Facebook page for race promo codes/discounts, race reviews, race guide/calendar and, of course, the magazine.

MRF Logo 2

Team SISU is the training group co-founded by fellow Death Racer and friend, Daren Deheras.  Read all about how SISU began, how it has evolved and where it is headed. Also, find out all about SISU’s upcoming events including the SISU Iron and the SISU F.O.R.G.E.

SISU FB Banner

Team SISU members will be attempting to run 8-10 laps of the Malibu Spartan Sprint next weekend.  Each lap will be run with a different weight or impediment (sandbag, weight vest, sledge hammer, air restriction mask, log, bricks, etc) all in the name of fun!


Ruck On. Stay Muddy.


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