Random Acts of Encouragement

I came across this story on the MudFlap blog.

The accomplishment by Michael Mills is extraordinary.  The community of people that came together to join Michael on this journey is not so extraordinary…at least not among obstacle racers.  Time and time again I have seen strangers helping, encouraging  and aiding other strangers on obstacle race courses.  Many are the occasions I have witnessed acts of kindness and camaraderie.

My Canadian friend Johnny Waite recently recounted a story about the SoCal Super Spartan Race this past January.  He was among the volunteers sweeping the course at the end of the day.  They came across a woman bringing up the rear and struggling at the midway point.  She was ready to quit but with a little encouragement from Johnny and the other volunteers she forged on for another 4-5 miles.  The race registration had been given to her by her brother as a gift for the weight she had lost in her journey to living a healthier life.  She finished the race many hours later under darkness…but she finished.  She did not quit.  And Johnny and some of the other volunteers stayed with her until she crossed the finish line.  Strangers helping strangers.

The medals are cool.  Our personal goals are great.  Running with friends is fun.  The community we belong to is amazing.  Seeing people push beyond what they thought capable is priceless.  An 8-10 mile obstacle race for many is a fun day in the sun.  For some, it is the challenge of a lifetime.  An encouraging word or a pat on the back is all they may need to keep pushing on!

So, check out the video and/or read the MudFlap blogpost.

Ruck On. Stay Muddy.


2 thoughts on “Random Acts of Encouragement

  1. Sorry we missed each other in SoCal, but I have to admit I’m jealous you have such majestic mountains out there to train on…that course was amazing…great post here my GORUCK Brotha as well! Keep up the great work spreading the word of “Good Livin” and if you are ever in the ATL just let me know. Hope to see you in VT this summer so we can share some ACRT!!!

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