How To Wrap Your Bricks

If you are new to rucking with bricks or a veteran of this practice the question of HOW to best wrap your bricks is one that brings up numerous answers.  WHY ruck with bricks?  Ummm, why not? Rucking with bricks allows for more Good Livin’.  Roll with that!

WHY wrap your bricks?  Well, you need a little padding on those corners to prevent the bricks from damaging your ruck.  Even the sturdiest bad-ass rucks are not made of steel.  Duct tape is your friend.  Bubble wrap helps although I don’t use it anymore as I find it can get too bulky.  You can wrap your bricks in one’s and two’s…or more.  It just depends on your personal preference.


(Photo by Jason McCarthy used by permission) 

So, rather than reinvent the wheel, check out the blogpost on wrapping bricks by Jason McCarthy over at Goruck.  And if you haven’t done a Goruck Challenge…what are you waiting for?  The biggest hurdle is signing up. The hardest part is showing up.  The rest is mental.

Click on the link below, wrap your bricks and get rucking!

NEWS | GORUCK | Built in the USA » Wrapping Bricks Explained

Ruck On. Stay Muddy.


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