How To F*ck Up A Spartan Sprint Race

This coming weekend I will be running the Malibu Spartan Sprint…seven times. Not out of some masochistic desire to destroy my body.  Or some manly test of my bad-ass skills. Ha!  Nothing of that type of silliness.  Instead I will be doing seven laps of the course to raise money for my friend’s non-profit animal shelter From There to Care Animal Sanctuary.

From There to Care Animal Sanctuary is a no-kill rescue on 8 acres of land in Riverside, CA where dogs run freely and play together after they have received all their vaccinations.  The sanctuary adopts primarily small breed dogs and small livestock (chickens, turkeys, pot-bellied pigs, rabbits, ducks, goats and sheep).  Livestock and dogs are kept in separate areas.

The effort is being spear-headed by fellow Death Racer and friend, Daren DeHeras.  He came up with the idea of doing seven laps of the course…I think this is the maximum number of laps he estimates we can run over the two days of the Spartan Sprint.  The course is advertised as being 3+ miles but I imagine it is closer to 5 miles and may actually be even longer in true Spartan Race fashion.  And, as if running the obstacle course seven times wasn’t enough, Daren has added some extra fun.  Each lap will be run with a unique weight or impediment:

Lap 1 – This will be run as part of the Hurricane Heat at 6:00AM on Saturday.  The Hurricane Heats are run before the regular waves and promise a unique kind of experience and suffering.

Lap 2 – Daren and I will run this while each carrying a log.

Lap 3 – We will run this lap with a weight vest.

Lap 4 – The final lap on Saturday will be run with elevation masks that restrict our breathing.

Lap 5 – On Sunday we will run our first lap each carrying a sledge hammer.

Lap 6 – Daren and I will run the course and move through each obstacle tied together at the wrists.

Lap 7  – For our final lap we will wear panda masks.  Don’t ask.

Of course, the order may change the day of the event and we may even combine weight/impediments.  Regardless, it should be a great time and we will raise funds for a fine organization.

To read more about our fund-raising challenge please check out the post on the Spartan Race Blog by clicking here.

To make a tax-deductible donation to From There To Care Animal Sanctuary please click here.  We hope you can give at least $1 per lap!

Ruck On. Stay Muddy.


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