On The Air Live with Matt B. Davis Blog Talk Radio – TUNE IN!

Can’t get enough Death Race stories?  Thinking of participating in the 2013 Death Race?  Want the nitty on the gritty regarding all things Death Race?  Then tune in this Thursday July 19 at 10AM PST (1PM EST) to Matt B. Davis’ podcast.

Fellow Death Racers Daren DeHeras, Yesel Arvizu and I will be on the air live with Matt as he gets the skinny on our Death Race experiences, asks questions and takes calls from his listeners.  We will also talk about Team SISU and attempt to articulate what the heck is a “weeple.”

Click on the link below to listen:

Team SISU Death Race and Beyond 07/19 by Matt B Davis Runs | Blog Talk Radio.


Everything I Ever Needed To Know About Sex I Was Reminded About At Death Race

SEX. Today’s topic. You’ve asked, you’ve waited, and here it is…my very first post on SEX.

Sometimes it takes being taken to the edge to rediscover or be reminded about the important things. Extreme physical exertion, mental exhaustion and emotional drainage can be the catalyst to stepping back and taking stock of those things we all think about but don’t really consider. So, this is a list of rules to live by that became evident to me during and after the Death Race regarding life and sex…but mostly sex. Enjoy. Apply.

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Thoughts From the Death Race Pit

There are lots of great write-ups and videos out in the blogsphere regarding the 2012 Death Race.  Below are some brief thoughts by some of the racers, crew members and volunteers at this year’s race – The Year of Betrayal.

Thanks for the encouragement…Year of Betrayal.

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