Death Race – Hair is Required

Over the last week or so we have been receiving email missives from Joe and Andy (aka: The crazy fucks who come up with the crazy things we do at Death Race) with registration, parking and other important information…including the Required Gear List.  Every year this list changes and every year there seems to be odd items on it.  Some things are certain whether they are on the list or not.  Axes.  If you don’t bring one then you will be up shit creek.

This years list has changed with every email message from Joe and Andy.  So far they have included knitting needles, life jacket, a clipping from a bonsai tree, dress shoes, a saw, a pink swim cap, and needle & thread.  An axe has been included in only one list so far.  Until now…

This morning we received the Final Death Race email from Andy (although I wouldn’t be surprised if they sprang something on us at the very last minute). Here is the list…

Mandatory Gear List:

Needle, Thread, Life Jacket, Black Compression Shirt, Pen, Paper, Bag of Human Hair, pink swim cap, 5 gallon bucket, Axe (if you weren’t going to bring one then you are an idiot and you haven’t done your research).

Note: These are the only mandatory items you must carry. Don’t email me and ask if that’s it and tell me that you’ve watched the videos and it seems like you should have more. Athletes will bring everything from helmets, rope, shovels, saws, knives, post hole diggers, bikes, etc. Whatever you choose to bring or think you’ll need must go with you the entire race. Athletes are responsible for their own index card and their own gear. Race staff reserves the right to check your packs at anytime during the race and any athletes who aren’t carrying what they said they were carrying will be assigned a penalty. Athletes who are caught a second time will be disqualified. Be very careful and selective when choosing what to bring. Study what this race is about, envision being trapped in the woods for a week and bring what you think would help you to survive.

This morning was made more interesting as I rounded up my final items for the race and received Andy’s email.  Luckily, I was next door to a hair salon!  I am sure the lovely ladies at ULTA SALON in Attleboro, MA had never had a request for human hair before.  They were very helpful and dug up some hair from the night before.

Human hair: Check.

I feel bad for all the bald guys already on their way who have not read the email yet.  Desperate times call for desperate means. Ha!

Ruck On. Stay Muddy.


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