In the Suck – A Death Race Experience (Part 3)

Friday June 15.  Death Race start day.  I had been preparing for months.  I had suffered on overnight ruck sessions with Joe Decker, I had pulled back-to-back Goruck Challenges to test my endurance and the effects of sleep deprivation, I had run, I had cross-fit, and I had lost about 12lbs.  I was excited and ready to get going.  It was reassuring to have 6 other Team SISU (the SoCal-based training group we formed that now includes over 300 people!) racers in the group as well as our tremendous support crew.

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Why We Do This – A Death Race Experience (Part 2)

In my last post I gave a brief rundown of the days and events leading up to the race.  In my next post I will give you an insider’s perspective on the race.  But today I would like to share a great post from the Death Race Facebook page written by fellow Death Racer Josh Zitomer.  I think he captures the spirit of the Death Race and what it means to be in it and WHY we do it.

Still smiling after 60 hours on the course!

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Death Race Beat Down – A Death Race Experience (Part 1)

It’s been several days now since the Death Race ended and my feet are still recovering. I could barely walk a few days ago.  The journey that began last year when I registered for this event finally came to a momentary end Monday morning around 5am…62.5 hours after the race began on Friday afternoon.  I came close to dropping out several times but I am glad I stayed in the game (big gratitude to my crew who gave me and the other members of our team amazing moral support and encouragement).  This is a brief recount of my experience in the race.  A lot to write about so I will break it up into several posts.  This one covers the stuff before the actual race began.

At the finish of the Death Race with fellow racers Yesel Arvizu & Daren DeHeras and Death Race co-creator and sadist Joe Desena.

This year’s theme was BETRAYAL and it was in full effect even before the race began.  Due to the theme of the race there was a lot of misinformation, misdirection, deception, red herrings, chaos and outright lies by Death Race creators Joe Desena & Andy Weinberg and the Death Race staff and volunteers.  I don’t think anyone outside of Joe and Andy ever really knew what was going on.  All racers knew this was going to be part of the race (or they should have known!).  It certainly made for an interesting and sometimes maddening race. Continue reading

Death Race – Hair is Required

Over the last week or so we have been receiving email missives from Joe and Andy (aka: The crazy fucks who come up with the crazy things we do at Death Race) with registration, parking and other important information…including the Required Gear List.  Every year this list changes and every year there seems to be odd items on it.  Some things are certain whether they are on the list or not.  Axes.  If you don’t bring one then you will be up shit creek.

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Death Race – Embrace The Suck

The Death Race countdown is in full effect!  Eight months of preparation, training, and anticipation are coming to an end this Friday as I embark on one hell of a race.  It’s gonna suck…that’s for sure.  I will suffer…that is inevitable.  But I just have to remind myself that the pain is temporary and the misery only for a few long days.  I will EMBRACE THE SUCK and put my best foot forward.  I do not know what specifically awaits me but I know that Andy and Joe (the evil minds behind this race) have had all year to dream up the miseries they are about to put us through!  I CANNOT wait!

I am packed and ready to go.  Flight to Boston’s Logan Airport in 6 hours.  I’ll be updating the blog over the next few days with reports on Goruck Beached and my final overnight training ruck with Joe Decker and the rest of his Gut Check Fitness crew (including some fellow Death Racers going out to Vermont).  I will also blog on my daily routine over the next few days as I head out to Pittsfield.  I will try to post some updates during the race on my Twitter feed whenever I come into Base Camp and have a few minutes.  You can also follow the progress of the race on the Peak Races Facebook page, their Twitter feed and probably their website as well as the Death Race website (

Ruck On.  Stay Muddy.