A Cinco de Mayo Hunt in LA…Goruck Scavenger!

The hunt came to Los Angeles this past Saturday Cinco de Mayo. Goruck Scavenger was in full effect all day.  Friends, beer, Good Livin’, and a tour of our fair city…Goruck style.

The Goruck Scavenger is an alumni-only event for people who have completed a Goruck Challenge.  Unlike the Challenge, the Goruck Scavenger requires no bricks to be carried (unless they are of the liquid variety i.e. beer).  With ranks comes privilege.  This is the description of the event from the Goruck Challenge website:

GORUCK Scavenger teams hunt the best of a city while hunting each other.

At the start point, the cadre assigns missions to team leaders — along with rules. Covert is priority, some tasks are more equal than others, and true to our Special Operations roots, it always pays to be a winner.

Beyond that description everything else requires operational security…in other words, you gotta do it to know what happens!  Let’s just say it is a rollicking good time shared with friends.  A good amount of mileage is covered and many liquid bricks are consumed in the process.

Here is what I can say did happen…we met cadre Lou at 0800 in West Hollywood’s Plummer Park.  We ended at the same location at some point later in the same day.  Many things may or may not have happened in between the start and the end of the hunt.  We admit nothing and deny everything.  Subterfuge may have been employed but there is no proof.  Stealth is the tool of smooth operators.

It is rumored our 5-man hunt team may have been called Steelvag and the Cyborg Sex Skeletons but nothing is certain.  It is also rumored to have included Jesus…but, again, that is hearsay.

Rucks were employed.  That is certain.  What they contained is somewhat of a mystery.  Shoes were worn.  That is also certain.  At least until someone claims that shoes were, in fact, not worn.    Food was consumed.  Photographic evidence, however is not available.  What is undeniable is that the team possibly going by the name of Steelvag did run into one of LA’s iconic self-proclaimed celebrities…Angelyne!

And this did occur but the identities of those cannot be determined with certainty…

To be able to peruse the secret files an operative must complete the Scavenger themselves.  If an operative is not an alumni of the Goruck Challenge already then completion of this event is prerequisite to test for proper team building skills and liquid brick consumption.  Do it.  Do it now.  Sign up for a Goruck Challenge or a Goruck Scavenger (if rank has been achieved through completion of a Challenge).

Happy hunting!

Ruck On. Stay Muddy.


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