Goruck Beached: Finning the Keys

I went swimming Sunday morning.  Well, really, I went finning.  Down in Long Beach…before the skies opened up and it started pouring cats and dogs here in Los Angeles.  I was joined by my GRT buddy, Chris, and we managed to finish our swim training before any lightning struck the water and we were fried to a crisp.

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Hero Rush Discount Code

Thinking of doing HERO RUSH after reading my post from yesterday?  Well, now there’s an even better reason…you can get 10% off any HERO RUSH registration by using the code: RTLAlanda


What are you waiting for?

Ruck On.  Stay Muddy.

On Splitting Wood…A Meditation

Well, I’m not sure this is quite a meditation on splitting wood but I kinda dig the title so there you have it.  A meditation.

I’ve done several rounds of wood splitting in the last few months in preparation for the splitting marathon I anticipate we will have to swing our way through at the Death Race.  Death Racers have historically endured long rounds of wood splitting and I don’t imagine that will change.  I have a suspicion that we are actually free labor for the town of Pittsfield and contribute heavily to their seasonal stock of firewood. Ha!

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Hero Rush – Obstacle Racing Has Gone Infernal!

Hero Rush | The Obstacle Race Course & Experience Created by Firefighters

Warriors, you ask?  Yup, won the war.  Gladiators, you inquire?  Um, yeah, took care of business in the arena.  Spartans?  Yes, kicked some ass…AROO!  Zombies?  Dead in the water.  Muddy Buddy?  Merrell Down and Dirty? Done and done.  In the ever growing world of obstacle/mud racing is there room for yet another themed run?  Yes!

HERO RUSH is a firefighter-themed race and is the latest newcomer to the field.  It blazes to a start at the end of April in Maryland and comes to Los Angeles at the end of June.  Here’s the description straight from their website:

Race through a 5k+ course of heroic (and unique!) obstacles — climb ladders and go through windows, slide down poles, race through the debris, climb more, get wet, carry your victim no matter the obstacles, get lost, crawl through mazes surrounded by screams and sirens — get WETTER, make some saves, do CPR, and much more. We’ll surround you with our Inferno Midway with even more themed challenges, a great adventure (and educational) course for kids, awesome “experience” components — and all the food, drink and entertainment you love!

Also, HERO RUSH, in addition to supporting the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, will identify and support one or more local fire service, firefighting or public safety charity in each city they visit.

Make sure to visit their Facebook page. They are posting regular promotions and contests for registration upgrades and free races!

Ruck On.  Stay Muddy.

Wanted: Painfest suggestions

This blog is going interactive!  I am organizing an overnight training session here in Los Angeles and I need YOUR suggestions for creatively awful things to put the team through!  Here’s the lowdown:

  • This event will likely take place in and around Griffith Park.  For those unfamiliar with this awesome place it is an oasis in the middle of the city: 53 miles of trails, fire roads and bridle paths across rugged hills and undeveloped terrain. (I have other options with simialar terrain but not nearly as large as Griffith Park)
  • We will begin around 9 or 10 pm and go all night finishing the next morning with a Gut Check Fitness boot camp at 7:30 AM.
  • We will carry weight in our packs.

Now, it’s your turn!  Many of us have done bucket carries with 30-50lb sandbags in each bucket, tire flips, and other types of fun.  What do you suggest?  Unfortunately, there is no open water in Griffith Park but there are water hoses here and there…just saying.

Send me your best ideas.  Ready, set, go!

Ruck On. Stay Muddy.

Spartan Race Discount Code

So, you’ve decided to get a little muddy at a Spartan Race, eh?  Well, now do it for $15 off the regular entry fee to any Spartan Race! Use this code: CASPARTA056

Awkward and Heavy Shit – Part 3 (at last!)

Alright…so, I am a little behind in my postings regarding my training and races.  Writing a blog takes some discipline but, to be fair, I haven’t exactly been sitting around on my ass! Humping sandbags and tires up and down mountains takes time and effort.  But no excuses!  So, for the sake of catching up I’m going to recap the last month or so in one epic exercise of keyboard tapping.  I’ll spare some of the detail and hope the pictures I include will speak volumes for the words I leave out.   Ok…ready…set…go!

Super Spartan

Super Spartan- Lake Vail, CA

The last weekend in January I traveled down to Temecula for the first of my many planned Spartan races this year.  The Death Race is the premier race and, undoubtedly, the most brutal (what can you say about a race in which only about 20 to 30 racers out of about 250 even FINISH this epically sadistic endurance pain fest?!) Continue reading