Audio Interview with Cadre from Goruck Challenge

Ok, boys and girls…if my description of the Goruck Challenge in an earlier post was not juicy enough then click on the link below to hear an audio interview with Cadre Lou Lepsch.  He talks about the Challenge and why we do what we do during the challenge.  Really, it all comes down to working as a team.  My first Goruck Challenge back in May of 2011 is what got me on this whole path to the Death Race in the first place.  Working as a team, pushing myself beyond my comfort zone, embracing my strengths (mental and physical) and facing my weaknesses.  If you remember, I did back to back challenges in January and am looking forward to my 4th challenge in April down in San Diego.  So, give it a listen…you just might want to try one…maybe even this coming April!

Interview with Cadre from Go Ruck Challenge | Obstacle Course Racing

*** This audio interview was first posted on Rob Decillis’ blog “Obstacle Course Racing


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