Audio Interview with Cadre from Goruck Challenge

Ok, boys and girls…if my description of the Goruck Challenge in an earlier post was not juicy enough then click on the link below to hear an audio interview with Cadre Lou Lepsch.  He talks about the Challenge and why we do what we do during the challenge.  Really, it all comes down to working as a team.  My first Goruck Challenge back in May of 2011 is what got me on this whole path to the Death Race in the first place.  Working as a team, pushing myself beyond my comfort zone, embracing my strengths (mental and physical) and facing my weaknesses.  If you remember, I did back to back challenges in January and am looking forward to my 4th challenge in April down in San Diego.  So, give it a listen…you just might want to try one…maybe even this coming April!

Interview with Cadre from Go Ruck Challenge | Obstacle Course Racing

*** This audio interview was first posted on Rob Decillis’ blog “Obstacle Course Racing


Spartan Death Race: A Survival Guide – ABC News

This an ABC News story about last year’s Death Race.  It will give you a pretty good idea of the insanity that is the Death Race.

My favorite quote from the video: “It’s cold as Jesus” in reference to the chest-deep 40 degree river that had to be crossed.

The only animals on the planet that will run themselves to death are dogs, horses and…humans.  Hmmmm…

Spartan Death Race: A Survival Guide – ABC News.

Passion Hit TV | A C.C. Chapman Experience

Passion Hit TV | A C.C. Chapman Experience.

Very cool interview with Goruck founder Jason McCarthy by C.C. Chapman on his Passion Hit TV blog!

Jason talks about his company, the Goruck Challenge, Java and doing what you are passionate about with full force.  Good stuff!

Awkward and Heavy Shit – January Recap (Part 2 of 3)

Buckets, Bricks and Sandbags

Let’s just say that 5-gallon buckets and 50lb sandbags are my least favorite items when they come in duplicate. That’s 100lbs, kids, in case your math is lacking. Or, as I like to think of it, that is two-thirds of my body weight. And carrying a sandbag-loaded bucket in each hand for miles or going uphill with a 50lb pill for 3-4 miles is a bit of a challenge to say the least. If I never see another orange Home Depot bucket or a sandbag it will be too soon. Alas, I plan on making friends with a lot more sandbags and bricks as I carry them in my ruck, in buckets or over my shoulder up and down mountains and across many miles.

Me, my bucket and my sandbag

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A Mountain of Pain

(*I’m taking a little detour to post about my training this weekend while it is still fresh in my mind, bones and muscle.  January recap will continue afterwards.)

The Suck – Mountain Phase

Let’s just call a spade a spade and start by saying Joe Decker is a beast and knows how to pummel a body just this side of submission.  Hiking and running to the top of two of San Diego’s tallest peaks while often carrying 100 pounds or more is probably not anyone’s idea of a good time.  That, however, is exactly how I spent my Friday night this weekend!

Joe is the founder of San Diego’s Gut Check Fitness (voted the #1 boot camp in San Diego) which he runs with his wife Nicole Decker.  Among other things, he has been recognized as the World’s Fittest Man by the Guinness Book of World Records and is a two-time winner of the Death Race.   Continue reading

Awkward and Heavy Shit – January Recap (Part 1 of 3)

So I think a recap of January events and training is in order before I head off this weekend to tackle Mt. Woodson, Iron Mountain and Black Mountain – three of San Diego’s toughest peaks – in an overnight training session spanning about 15 hours while carrying 50lb sandbags in various ways.  January was a very busy month of fun races, hard training and good people.  It began the first weekend of January with back-to-back Goruck Challenges which is a great place to start this post and blog since this whole journey leading up to the Death Race really begins with my first Goruck Challenge back in May of last year.

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My First Entry…

So, this is my first offical blog entry!  Go easy on me.  Why am I writing this blog?  Well, in a nutshell…I am registered for the 2012 Spartan Death Race in June and figured that some sort of journal was in order as I prepare myself physically and mentally for this race in which the overwhelming majority of racers do not even finish.  I’ll write about my training, gear, other races and challenges.  And since this is as much a journey of the mind as it is a physical endeavor I will also write about other things that might need more pondering like…life…death…sex…and, of course, MUD!

So…stay tuned.  I’ll be posting a summary of my January adventures in training and racing and talking about the painfest I have coming up this weekend courtesy of two-time Death Race winner Joe Decker and his company Gut Check Fitness.

I’d love to hear from you so leave a comment.

Till then…get muddy!